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Stuff We Get Asked A Lot

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Do you offer gift cards?

Yes! Get them in store.

How many packs of hair is required for a quick weave or Sew in?

2-3 bundles or packs ( 10 - 12 Inches for bob)

Is hair included in all of the services?

No. Hair is not included with any service unless its stated under bundles and install.

What Brand hair can I use?

Milky way Pure, Gem, Empire, Chocolate, Bobbie Boss,  any 100% human hair is exceptional. I you are going to use a closure please get a 4x4  or wider.  Please no synthetic or blended hair.

Do I need to wash my own hair if i'm getting extensions?

All services includes shampoo services unless its a extension Special

Can I book more than one service?

Yes. I prefer you to book every service that is needed to keep track of time management.

What are the payment options?

Cash , Credit cards or debit
please note debit and credit cards are subject to fees

What is your return policy?

Sorry no returns

If something comes up can I transfer my deposit?

Yes . Only 1 transfer per deposit. Only if the  client gives a 24 to 48 hour notice.

Are deposits refundable?

Deposits are non refundable.

Are deposits required when booking?

Yes. Deposits are required to book. Deposits are in place to keep or prevent no calls no shows and late cancellations. This keeps my schedule accurate and helps others book unwanted appointments.

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'' Her customer service is wonderful. I just love her personality and her warm welcoming and her potential that she gives her clients. She does excellent work!"

Karia Holt

"Best Bundles I  purchased  hands down!" I  had my bundles over 2 years now. I got her to make it into a unit and i'm in love!


"Angel is an amazing stylist that cares deeply about her work. If you book her you won't be sorry. Her Salon is never too crowded its always a one on one experience with her and I love and appreciate that!"

Geneva J

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