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Hair Care Tips

1. Sew ins should not be worn over a 2 month period. Quick weaves shouldn't be worn longer

than 2-3 weeks. 

2. Hair should always be properly oiled when wearing protective styles.

3. You should always allow your hair  to breathe. Its always a good idea to wear protective styles, 

but remember to give your hair  and scalp some love and attention.

4. Quick weaves should not be pulled from the scalp! Quick weaves have been given a lot of

people don't know how to remove them. Consult with a licensed stylist for proper removal.

5. If you are wearing braids/ sew in and you notice a small white bulb at the root of your hair, you maybe losing hair that be permanently damaged! Take the immediately.

5. To  maintain proper hair care please consult with a licensed cosmetologist and not experimental videos on Youtube.  ( If you going to experiment please view licensed stylist videos )

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